Ten Perfect Gifts For Someone Who Loves To Cook

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Do you have that one family member who loves to cook, but you just never know what to get them as a gift?  With the holidays approaching fast, this is something to think about!  As someone who loves to cook, I just never seem to know what to ask for! Especially when I am on the spot!

So here I am, coming to help make your holidays a little easier this year! Here are ten perfect gifts for the cook of your family!

1. Cast Iron Pan

A Cast Iron Pan is one of the best gifts to give the cook of your family, and get this, you can find one for under 20 dollars.  Talk about balling on a budget!! This pan is extremely versatile and can be moved directly from cooking on the stove, to baking in the oven.  Perfect for those mac and cheese lovers out there!

These pans are also perfect for those camping, cooking over the fire fans out there!  My family has been camping for as long as I can remember and a cast iron pan is the perfect pan to cook any meal over the fire.  Use it for grilling too!  The opportunities for great recipes made with this pan are endless!! A cast iron pan is a must for your kitchen this year!

2. New Knives

Every cook knows that your knives are some of the most important utensils to have in the kitchen, and you can never have enough.  There is a specific knife for almost everything in the kitchen, so the more the merrier.  My favorite knives to use in the kitchen are designated for slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing.  They can be used for most recipes you’ll be cooking in the home!

If you were to ask my Dad or brother, they would say their favorite knives are those designated for fishing, or a fillet knife.  So if you have a fisherman in the family, this might just be the perfect gift for them!

3. Garlic Crusher

This item is probably the number one kitchen utensil I use.  I have tried so many different kinds of garlic crushers just to find the one perfect for me.  I love garlic in any recipe and I have found a garlic crusher just brings out all the juices of the garlic and really highlights the flavor.  So for all my fellow garlic lovers out there, this one is for you!

Some garlic crushers work better than others, but luckily, they are cheap enough that you can try a few before finding one that works well.  But why try multiple when I can just tell you which one works the best! Then you don’t have to spend more money trying to find a good one for you! Genius, right?  I have personally found that a simple handheld garlic crusher works the best.  I highly suggest to try one out that is not too complicated.  The more complicated, the harder to use.  Get a simple handheld garlic crusher and it will last you for years, and stainless steel never hurts, it will hold up better.

4. Hanging Pot Holder

An organized kitchen is a successful kitchen.  Pots and pans tend to take up the most space in the kitchen.  To make this less of an issue, invest in a hanging pot holder.  This literally takes the clutter away and keeps your kitchen spick and span.

They also come in so many different styles.  This helps you find the perfect one to match your home and kitchen decor.  My home is styled with a lot of country style decor.  So, appropriately, ours has a metal chicken attached to help decorate out country kitchen.  Find the one that is perfect for you and help yourself get rid of clutter all together!

5. Cutting Board

Cutting boards are essential to the kitchen, especially if you do not want to scuff up your counter tops.  The only problem is, after a lot of use, a cutting board gets warn out and scuffed up itself.  It never hurts to have a new cutting board around the kitchen.  If your cook loves to work with knives in the kitchen, this could be the perfect gift for them!  Even pairing it with a new knife set could be a great idea!

6. Electric Mixer

If you have a baker in the family, this is a must have!  An electric mixer makes baking much more simple and much faster as well.  I highly suggest a Kitchen Aid Mixer, they produce great quality and are very dependable.  Every year, when my family bakes Christmas Cookies, we would never be able to accomplish what we do without our Kitchen Aid electric mixers.  In the past, we have made over 1000 cookies!! Not possible if we were mixing by hand! This is a must have for any bakers out there.

7. Whisk

I use a whisk to mix up anything a whisk can be used for.  If you are mixing by hand for baking needs, this could be essential.  If you are an omelet lover, this is a must have!  You can use a whisk for just about anything so make sure your kitchen it stocked with it this holiday season.

8. Grater

Whether you are grating up some cheese or veggies, a grater is necessary in the kitchen.  It never hurts to add a little bit of fresh cheese on top of a new yummy recipe, and a grater will help you do just that.  I love adding fresh cheese to my salads using a grater because it gives the perfect consistency.

I also use grated cheese when I am making mac and cheese.  I have found that when I am first mixing my cheese into my macaroni, the cheese combines and melts easier when it is grated, so save yourself some time and get a new grater for your kitchen.

I personally prefer a box grater.  This give you four different options for grating different foods.  You can use one side to grate your cheese and another to slice your potatoes for scalloped potatoes!  It is extremely versatile and gives you a lot of options to make different meals.

 9. Pestle

What is a pestle? You might be asking yourself that very question right now! If you have someone who loves hummus, pesto, guacamole, salsa, etc., then this gift is perfect for them!  Basically, a pestle helps mash up all of those spices and create the perfect consistency for any healthy snack!  A pestle is a must have to make these delicious, succulent dips and spreads.

 10. George Foreman Grill

I live in a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  If you know about the weather near Philadelphia, you know it gets cold.  Real cold.  Now, I love to grill.  I’ll be honest with you, grilling in the cold is not fun.  Even when I layer up, it is not fun.  The small investment I made in my George Foreman Grill was the best investment I have made in a long time.

There is nothing better than being able to grill your favorite foods inside.  It keeps you warm and grills your food nicely.  If you are missing that grilling smokey flavor, add a little bit of liquid smoke to whatever food you are grilling.  This brings that smokey flavor you might be missing and I have found it to provide a very authentic flavor.


The holidays are tough.  Sometimes, you just don’t know what to buy for a friend or family member.  Let alone buying them something they will actually use.  I guarantee you, these gifts are gifts that will be used.  Try them out, you will not be disappointed!

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  1. A garlic press and pestle have been on my wish list forever. I just keep forgetting to purchase them when I’m at the store.

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