My Food Adventures in Raleigh, NC Who doesn't love trying new food in a different part of the world? Click here to see the food adventures I had in Raleigh, North Carolina!

My Food Adventures in Raleigh, NC

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Now, before I get started talking about some of the DELICIOUS food I got to eat down in Raleigh, I have an idea for all of my foodies out there.  If you love trying food from different places around the world, this tip is for you!  I want to remember all of the amazing places I get to try.  I do this by keeping a food journal! In this, I print a photo and write a short paragraph about what I ate.  This way, I can remember exactly what I had and where I had it so I can either post about it, or suggest a restaurant to others I might know visiting that area! Here is the journal I use, it works great and is also super cute!

But now onto the most important part…FOOD!

Anywhere you go, the food is going to be different.  I did not expect to travel only 8 hours and experience such a drastic change though.  And let me tell you, I was impressed.

I LOVE fried food. Love love love it! As bad as it is for you, sometimes it is good to experience how another area of the United States does it, I could not hold back!

I ventured into two fast food restaurants in Raleigh this past weekend, and here is the experience I had!


Fried chicken and biscuits, a staple in the south.  Walking into this fast food joint, I probably looked like a tourist asking my friend what every single thing on the menu meant, but you cannot blame me for wanting to try the best they had to offer!

Now that I had Bojangles, I am thinking about contacting their headquarters and suggest expanding to the north, it is THAT GOOD!

I went for the classic fried chicken, biscuit and of course, a side of mac and cheese.  My best friend, Allie, who I was visiting, suggested I tried Bojangles special sauce. BEST. IDEA. EVER. I am a lover of horseradish and this sauce was a perfect mesh with the friend chicken strips.

The sweetened Iced Tea I ordered to complete my meal was out of this world.  Literally better than any tea I had ever tried before!

Northerners, we are missing out.

If you are traveling below the Mason Dixon line anytime soon, find an exit off the highway with a Bojangles, do it, I promise you, you will feel the same way I do.


I found this fast food joint to be even more unique than the first.  Known for their burgers and countless milkshake combinations, this place is a hit.

Different than most fast food restaurants, there is no seating area indoors.  Since I visited during the only snow storm North Carolina will probably get this winter, we had to eat in the car.  The second the food passed through the window, the scent of fried hush puppies and chicken quesadillas filled the car.

The most popular way to order at Cookout is by getting a Cookout tray.  With this, you get a main dish and two sides.  I went for the chicken strips (again) with hushpuppies and a corndog as my sides. DELICIOUS!  Also a heart attack in a tray, but its vacation so it doesn’t count…right?

I also got a Reese’s Milkshake to complete the delicious meal.

Definitely give this place a try if you are around one, do it, because now that I am back up north, I cannot.  I will be forever jealous, especially to those who have access to these fast food joints whenever…

North Carolina is a, sorta, short eight hours away  from where I live.  Luckily, I do have a place down there to stay for free if I am craving these foods…right Allie?  Raleigh, I will be back!

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  1. Raleigh isn’t too far from me and I love places that I can easily visit. Everything sounds so yummy!

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      It was so delicious! I want to go back!

  2. Love it! Finding new food places is one of my faves, haha.

    1. says: Reply

      Me too! Nothing better than trying something new!

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