Durable bone for big chewers. Benebone

Five Dog Toys For Big Chewers

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Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t this a food blog?  Yes, but it is not just my food blog! My pup loves to share her favorites too! While Mommy is busy blogging away, Brindle needs something to keep her busy! The hard part is, she is a Pit bull mix.  One special quality about pit bulls are their extremely strong jaws.  I have done a lot of research and I have finally found some toys specifically for big chewers, like a pittie.

When I first adopted Brindle, about six and a half months ago, my parents gave me all of their old dogs toys to start her out.  They were destroyed within a week.  The toys they purchased for their gentle Golden Retriever were no match for my pittie pup!  I went to plan B.  The one toy she was not able to get through was a small knotted rope.  I decided to run to the pet store and buy the most durable rope toys they had.  It took a little longer, but within a month, all of the ropes were torn apart and she was swallowing some of the string. NOT GOOD!!! I knew it was time to find out what dog experts around the nation created for dogs like mine.  My dog is not the only pittie out there, so there has to be something!

Then it happened.  I was walking through my local mall for the first time in over a year and came across a new store.  A store specifically for dogs! I was so excited! I told one of the sales ladies my problem and she took me directly to the big chewers section! Here is what I found!

1. Benebone

I fell in love with this one, and so did Brindle.  Benebone is a tough, nylon and food-grade bone.  They use bacon, peanuts, or chicken.  No artificial flavors are added so it will do no harm to your pup!  My dog loves the peanut butter flavor, but there are also bacon and chicken flavors, so whichever your dog loves the most, there is an option for it!

One cool thing you can do with this bone before giving it to your pup is putting it in the freezer.  Dog’s love to chew on something cold, so putting it in the freezer before giving it to your pup makes it even more desirable for them.  Once the bone starts to come back to room temperature, it will sweat which makes the flavors of the bone even stronger.  This bone is perfect if you need to keep your dog occupied during any holiday gatherings coming up.  Before Benebone, Brindle would eat through a bone in a half an hour, I promise you, this one lasts much longer, depending on the size you buy of course.

Which brings me to another great perk this bone offers.  You can get it in multiple shapes and sizes.  Start with the smaller size to find out which flavor your dog likes more and then move onto the larger size!  This bone is one your dog will definitely thank you for, in every non-verbal way they can.

2. Goughnuts

This toy was made specifically for dogs with a strong jaw that offer a big chew.  As your pup begins to grow, and they become stronger, this is the perfect toy to invest in.  The engineers behind Goughnuts actually guarantee the success of this chew for your dog, or they will replace the toy completely.  The way they guarantee this is by having an inner red layer of the toy which is covered by the tough rubber outside.  If your dog is able to chew through the outer layer to the red inner layer, they will replace your toy for you.  That is how much they guarantee this chew toy for your dog.

Just like Benebone, Goughnuts come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that is perfect for your dog.  You can get tug toys, stick shaped, donut shaped, ball shaped, etc.  You know your dog the best, so you are able to pick the perfect one for them!

3. Bionic

This brand is Brindle’s all time favorite.  Just like the chews mentioned above, the Bionic toys comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Brindle’s favorite is the Bionic Bone.  Let me tell you why!

The cool thing about the Bionic Bone is that it has a tunnel in the middle of it in which you can stuff pretty much anything (dog friendly) that you would like! Brindle is a peanut butter lover (just like me) so I always put at least some peanut butter in there for her.  Vets are finding that vegetables such as green beans and cauliflower is really nutritional for dogs.  If you put some veggies in the middle and seal each side off with some peanut butter, you are good to go!  If you want your dog to be occupied for longer though, here is a good tip.

Fill the middle of the Bionic bone with veggies and seal it off with peanut butter, just like you would normally.  But instead of giving it directly to your dog, stick it in the freezer for a few hours.  This will freeze the peanut butter and make it harder for your dog to get the veggies in the middle.  And don’t forget! Dogs love to chew on items that are cold, so by doing this simple trick, your dog’s interest in the toy will automatically increase! Once your dog gets all of the food out of the middle, just wash the toy and start the process all over again! It is that easy!

The tough material is perfect for any big chewer and this toy will be your dogs favorite for a long, long time.


KONG is one of the most popular dog toy brands out there.  They are extremely successful due to the success of their products.  These toys also come in many shapes and sizes, and when I say many, I mean many.  You could spend hours scrolling through their different toy options.  Just like Bionic Bone, you can put treats or dog friendly foods in the middle of these toys as well.

One of their most popular products, the KONG Classic Dog Toy, not only allows you to put food in the middle, but the shape makes it fun for dogs.  The toy is three different sized circular shapes, one on top of the other.  This allows the toy to roll as the dog is trying to get the food out.  Now as this would be annoying for us humans, dogs LOVE chasing their toys around.

I definitely suggest trying this toy out, it will not disappoint your pup.

5. Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude

Very similar in shape to the KONG Classic Dog Toy, the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude by PetSafe is a fun toy that can handle any big chewer.  The shape has some added bumps along around the outside, which allows it to bounce as it rolls, making it a lot more fun for the dog.  It also has an option to stuff with your favorite dog friendly snacks as well!

The fun difference to the KONG Classic Dog Toy is that the shape is a squirrel!  This makes it more fun for your dog because we all know dogs LOVE squirrels!

Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude is another great addition to your pup’s toy box!

Any of these toys will make your dog happy! Finding the one your dog loves the most is the fun part.  If you have a big chewer in the family, these toys are a MUST HAVE and perfect to fit in your dogs stocking this holiday season!




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  1. Omg’sh these are all great! Do you know if they make the Benebone for little big chewers? I have 2 small dogs that are rascals and like to chew everything but I need something small enough for them. Great article by the way ❤

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Yes! They have multiple sizes! The smaller size would be perfect for smaller dogs! It would last them a while too which is always a good thing! Click here it’s a mini one which is perfect for smaller dogs!

  2. These are excellent. My guy is over 100lbs and destroys everything.

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      I can’t even imagine! My pup is only 40 lbs and still does some damage! So nice that these companies offer so many different sizes for their toys, there is one perfect for every size dog!!

  3. Gotta love the Kong! Great list!

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Thank you! And I know! It really is one of the best!

  4. Our Floyd is a 65lb Boxer/Bulldog/Pibble mix and we know just how hard it is to find toys that last! We also do a lot of junior basketballs & double walled soccer balls. He loves to carry & kick them around the back yard and they actually last a long time. Great list!!

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      I have done a ton of soccer balls and basketballs too! If they come inside that’s when she chews them up so I definitely keep them outside!!

  5. My friend’s dog loves his Goughnuts!

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      I love the guarantee the company offers too! No more worrying about having to buy a new toy when my pup destroys one! If she even can! The outside is so tough its great!

  6. Great tips! I want to get my sisters dog a toy she will actually use lol

    Isaly Holland

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Any of the ones where you can put food in the middle the dogs are obsessed with! I highly suggest trying one of those:)

  7. The black Kong toys are the strongest. I have two Pit Mixes. Those toys last a long time.

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Thank goodness they make toys for us pit owners! Saves a lot of money in the long run!!

  8. I don’t have a dog, but I will make sure to share these with my friends.

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Awesome! Hopefully they help:)

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