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How to Create A Positive Start to the New Year

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Ready or not…here 2017 comes!  And it is not slowing down until it gets here!  Everyone always hopes that the next year of their life will be better than the last, so why not guarantee that it be more positive?

Let me let you in on a little secret.  Now, I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but you have control of your own life.  Thats right, soak it all in, YOU have control.

Believe it or not, there are things you can do right from your own home that can bring more positivity to your life in order to start the new year on a good note.  I am using all of these techniques this year FOR SURE!

Over the past 5 years, I have struggled a lot with mental illness.  I took a lot of wrong paths that honestly made my mental illnesses even worse.  Not too long ago, I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change, I needed to be more positive.  So, I started doing things for myself, getting more organized, doing things I love on a daily basis, and many more.  I guess you could also say adopting my adorable puppy Brindle was a positive thing I did to help my mental health (and she is a positive in my life every day).

Sometimes, its OKAY to be selfish.  Sometimes you need to do just one thing for yourself, for your sanity!

So here are some tips you can start using RIGHT NOW to make 2017 more positive right from the start!

Buy yourself a gift

So, we just finished (and are still finishing for many) the season of giving.  This is a very selfless season, which I think is very good for the soul.  While we need to be selfish sometimes, it is also so important to be selfless and do things for others.

So since you just spend hundreds on others, spare yourself just a little for yourself.

I did just this, because I needed something more positive.

I bought myself a gift.  A Himalayan Salt Lamp to be exact!

These lamps are good for your mental health and actually just your overall health.  There are so many benefits to these lamps.  My friend got one over the holidays, and after using it for just a few days, she told me I had to get one.  So I immediately booted up Amazon and splurged a few dollars on myself! It felt GREAT! Knowing I was doing this to bring positivity, and more self love to myself, it was enlightening.

I am currently experiencing the dreaded wait for my package to arrive and I am counting the seconds!


Get rid of clutter, clean your room, clean up outside, clean your car, clean whatever you need to clean to make you feel better.

Yes, this can be hard work, but once it is over, I promise, you will feel more positive and happy.

Since I moved home from college, I was sleeping in the guest room.  My room had been turned into storage and my bed had been taken apart from the move and I just never took the time to clean and move back into my own room.

That was, until last week.

I completely cleaned out my room, cleaned the guest room, set up my bed and Brindle’s bed, and an added bonus, scrubbed down the bathroom.  Oh man, did that feel good.  Not only did I get to sleep in my own room and in my own bed again, but I had lifted a weight off my shoulders.  A weight that honestly needed to be lifted for a long, long time.

Start a Blog

Why not, even if it is just for fun, why not?  Even if you keep it to yourself, why not?

I love writing down my thoughts, it helps get my emotions and feelings out instead of keeping them bottled up.  Blogging is one way I keep myself busy and more importantly how I keep my mind busy.
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It is something I really enjoy doing.

If you are thinking this might be something for you, check out my post How I Made Money in my First Week of Blogging for tips and tricks on how to get started!

Create a Positivity Jar

I love this idea and it is actually something I am starting myself this year.

All you need is a mason jar, some (preferably colorful) index cards, and a pen.

Everyday, before bed, jot down one positive thing that happened to you that day.  Whether it is something huge or even the littlest thing, jot it down, fold up the index card, and put it in the jar.

At the end of the year, empty the jar and read all 365 positive things that happened to you that year.

What a great way to keep your mind focused in a positive, happy way.

Create a Goal Poster

Aquire a poster board, break out some pretty pens, and write down some huge goals you have for the year.  Whether they are big or small, write them down.

Hang this poster up somewhere you will see it every single day.  This will remind you of what you are working for, every single day.

You are basically creating your own motivation.  Want to go on a trip? Print out some pictures of wherever that destination might be.  Want to lost weight, print out a picture of you at your ideal weight or some good looking healthy food.

Anything to help motivate yourself.

I have some big goals this year, some that include traveling to Europe, making a certain amount of money (not disclosing that number just yet) by the end of the year, and changing my diet to eat more organic, natural foods.

Prepare for your resolutions

In the past, I have made resolutions and as soon as the day comes to start that resolution, I find just about every excuse in the book to not do it.

What is the solution for this?

Prepare prior to the new year so you literally have no choice.

Want to start going to the gym?  Open your membership and pay the last day of the year they are open.  You don’t have to start this day, but go, spend the money, and then you are locked in.

Want to start eating better?  Go to the food store, buy the healthy food and clean out all the junk food in the house.  Do this right before the new year.

I have found that putting myself in a situation that I can not back out of helps me to not make excuses.  So, while you are still motivated, go and prepare so you are ready to jump into the new year.


A new year is an exciting opportunity.  Some say it is like starting off with a blank slate.  Start this new year off right.  Make it different than your past new years.  Love yourself, love others, be positive, be active, be happy, and have a happy happy New Year.

19 Replies to “How to Create A Positive Start to the New Year”

  1. Those are wonderful tips, and I agree with all of them. I prefer to create goals for the New Year rather than calling them resolutions, but the idea still applies. Goal boards and positivity jar are great ideas and I have done both not too long ago. I love the ideas and the sentiment behind them. It builds a habit of focusing on the good in life.

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      I completely agree! I am glad you enjoyed the post! There are so many ways to be positive and really live a positive life!

  2. I love the idea of a Goal Poster. I am a big visual person so this would definitely be motivating! It’s like you are putting your daydreams on paper, making it concrete. Love it!

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Exactly! I am very visual too so this is so perfect for me!

  3. There is always so much we can do to push ourselves in right direction… but sometimes we may struggle with figuring out exact details ourselves. So, thanks for sharing lots of great positivity tips! Off to create that Goal Poster now 😉

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      I am creating mine today too! It helps to see what you want to accomplish so you can motivate yourself everyday! Thank you I am glad you liked the tips!

  4. I’ve heard great things about salt lamps! Happy NY’S!

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      I am so excited for mine to come in! Unfortunately it is taking a little longer with the holidays…my friend said it was one of the best gifts she received she loves it!

  5. These are great ideas! I think a positivity jar is great!

  6. I always clean and clear the clutter before the New Year. However, this year, I will be clearing the clutter all through January 🙂
    Happy New Year

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      I here ya! I cleaned a few rooms but there is no way I’ll get to all of it, too much to do with New Years!

  7. Cleaning and writing down your goals is a great idea! I can’t stand seeing clutter because it makes my mind feel cluttered too!

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Exactly! It helps so much to just get organized and not worry about it!

  8. I need organization to welcome 2017 in right! Great food for though!

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      Me too! Glad this helped:)

  9. These are wonderful tips. I have already acquired two jars. I think I will be writing something great that has happened to me daily for a week and then I drop it in the jar after the week is up. At such a time next year, I will open and read all of them. It is my kind of 52 week challenge.

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      That is so awesome! I am doing that same thing! So inspiring!

  10. I love the positivity jar idea. I’ve been wanting to do it, but have been lazy lol.

    1. yummyyeats2@gmail.com says: Reply

      It’s okay to be lazy sometime! I have been sick so I know how you feel!

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