About Alicia and Briny

About five years ago, I thought I lost myself completely.  A career ending injury ripped away any chance of a scholarship for a collegiate softball program.  So, I went to a University in the city, but still didn’t feel like I could find the thing that would fill the void softball left, I needed a hobby.

I did not go searching, it found me.  When I say it, I mean my new hobby, one that I am very excited about.  My senior year of college, I made the tough decision to move home and commute.  This tough decision led me to an answer I have been searching for.

Welcomed by a full pantry and refrigerator, I decided to whip something together.  Burgers, my Keebler burgers to be more exact, was what I decided to make.  For some reason, I just loved making a good burger.  But, the difference was, this time, I added a little kick to my recipe.  Bleu Cheese.  It was a hit.  Suddenly, I noticed my family going back for seconds.  It was then, I realized the satisfaction in creating my own recipes and sharing my creations with others.  I had found my hobby.

About a month later, I adopted my second hobby.  Brindle, my now 10 month old Pit-bull mix.  She has been the best addition to my life in a long time, and has only brought me laughs and joy.  I decided the second I signed the papers, that I would forever spoil this little pup.  I combined my love of food, with the love of my dog, and started creating meals and baked goods for her as well.

Briny is my sidekick in the kitchen, and I never make a meal without her.

Please enjoy our yummy eats!